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3 ways to slice pineapple with minimum effort conquer-the-kitchen

3 ways to slice pineapple with minimum effort

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Pineapples are sweet, juicy and full of flavors. However, slicing them can be slightly intimidating for the average housewife. To help you slice pineapples with minimum effort and time, here are 3 ways you can cut them and serve them any time!

First: peel the pineapple

Lay the pineapple on the side. Using a sharp knife, slice off the crown and base of the pineapple. Then, stand it up and cut the skin and slice it from top to bottom. This step exposes hard dark spots known as the eyes which are inedible. You can cut a trench around each of the eyes to remove them, or simply cut deeper into the fruit but that would waste some of the delicious flesh.

Second: Cut the pineapple

You can choose to cut the pineapple into rings, chunks or regular slices. Here’s how!

For pineapple regular slices

Cut the pineapple in half. Lay one of the halves on its back and cut lengthwise into thick slices. Repeat the steps to cut the second half. Serve raw or season with cinnamon and grill!

For pineapple rings

Lay the pineapple on one side and cut it into slices that resemble little discs. Use a knife or a zucchini corer to remove the core. Use pineapple rings to decorate or fill your favorite cakes and tarts!

For pineapple chunks

Stand the pineapple and cut it in regular slices. Then, cut the slices into thinner wedges and chop into chunks. Add to fruit salads or use as a topping for pancakes.

Bonus tip:

Are you expecting guests over lunch this weekend? Turn pineapples into boats! Just slice your pineapple in half and scoop out the flesh using an ice cream scooper or a large spoon. Now it’s ready to hold fruit salads, ice cream and even savory dishes like roasted chicken breasts with a side of white rice!

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