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Almost everyone has a secret recipe or a personal touch. And because California Garden encourages you to add a touch of you, discover this section for some inspiration on how to swap, substitute and merge ingredients to come up with your own personal version of traditional and international recipes!

5 creative ways to use hummus conquer-the-kitchen

5 creative ways to use hummus

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Hummus is becoming more and more popular not only in the Middle East but also around the world. And the best part is you can incorporate it in lots of recipes from dips to snacks, even salads and appetizers! Here’s how you can use hummus creatively to end up with mouthwatering results.

Number 1: Colorful veggies dip

If you’re looking for a quick and easy snack to serve unexpected guests, nothing beats hummus! All you need is a can of California Garden hummus tahina and few of your favorite (and available) vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots and celery! If you want to serve hummus dip with a twist, you can upgrade it in a healthy way; add avocado, bell pepper, beetroot, pumpkin or sweet potatoes to end up with a colorful and mouthwatering result!

Number 2: Creative kibbeh filling

Looking for a new way to present kibbeh balls? Shape them into open halves, fill them with the minced meat mixture and then pipe some creamy and delicious California Garden hummus tahini on top. It’s a wonderful way to create a mouthwatering appetizer when you’re hosting a fancy gathering at home.

Number 3: Taco spread

If you are a fan of Mexican Appetizers you certainly must love taco! Instead of the usual guacamole, mix California Garden hummus tahina with ripe avocado and spread inside taco shells before you add the toppings. Flavors are exceptional!

Number 4: Salad dressing

Yes you can turn hummus into a creamy salad dressing! In a bowl, combine 1 can of California Garden hummus tahina, ¼ cup of lemon juice, ¾ cup of water and 3 tablespoons of Dijon mustard. Mix ingredients until combined and drizzle over your favorite salad!

Number 5: Chicken tartine topping

If you’re craving some toast with a twist, know that nothing beats chicken sandwiches drizzled with a creamy and delicious hummus topping! First, spread California Garden hummus tahina on your toasts and add cooked chicken on top. Then, in a bowl, mix even quantities of California Garden hummus tahina, lemon juice and lukewarm water. Season to taste and drizzle the chicken. Serve immediately!