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A sign that you’re the master of kitchen management is the way you make something difficult look so easy! With California Garden’s suggested tips, you can learn about cooking, organizing and cleaning your kitchen using lifesaving and money-saving hacks.

5 organizing tips to keep the kitchen tidy conquer-the-kitchen

5 organizing tips to keep the kitchen tidy

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Keeping your kitchen tidy should not be a challenge especially when you implement tips and tricks that will help it stay beautiful. If you’re looking for ways to organize the kitchen, check out our tips below and you’ll end up with a beautiful and spacious kitchen every day!

Tip Number 1: Store everyday plates and trays in drawers

Layered horizontally in drawers, plates and trays take less space than when you store them in cabinets or dining room dressers. So unless you eat dinner every day using the whole china set, there’s no need to showcase everyday plates in the dresser and you can make use of the empty cabinet to store pantry staples such as cans and pasta.

Tip Number 2: Store jars in drawers

If you don’t have a pantry room or lack space in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to store glass jars in drawers. To make it easier to recognize the jars without having to remove them one by one, label the covers with simple stickers and write down the content name on each sticker. This could apply for small seasonings jars if you don’t have a holder.

Tip Number 3: Create special containers for bags

If you’re tired of stashing bags wherever you find an empty space in the kitchen, try the following: Fold the bags and place them in a cardboard box. Seal the latter’s open side with tape. Then, using a knife cut a horizontal line in the other side of the box. Paint it using your favorite color or wrap with the gift wrapping paper of your choice. Now you can use the container to store your bags in one place and take them out like tissue papers!

Tip Number 4: Store cups smartly in cabinets

Store water cups from the back to the front. You can also nail hangers from the shelves and on the inside of the doors then hang the mugs by the handles. It’s a smart way to use of the empty space in your cabinets!

Tip Number 5: Organize cookware and electric appliances by use

Make sure you sort cookware and electric appliances from frequently used to non-needed. If you lack kitchen space, purchase electric appliances that include multiple functions such as a multi-cooker, a food processor with a blender attachment and a high quality stand mixer. If you don’t use your pressure cooker or electric appliances every day, store them in the storage room or kitchen cabinets. Finally, if you think that some appliances have no use at all, it’s a good idea if you donate them or send them for recycling; either way they won’t go to waste!

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