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A sign that you’re the master of kitchen management is the way you make something difficult look so easy! With California Garden’s suggested tips, you can learn about cooking, organizing and cleaning your kitchen using lifesaving and money-saving hacks.

5 simple hacks to save time in the kitchen conquer-the-kitchen

5 simple hacks to save time in the kitchen

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Whether you are hosting a gathering or trying to prepare the usual family dinner, you can always use some extra help in the kitchen. Today, we’re sharing with you five hacks we mastered to save time and energy in the kitchen!


Soaking potatoes in an ice bath for easier peeling

You might know that slicing the outer skin of potatoes before cooking makes them easier to peel. But do you know that soaking it in an ice bath after boiling makes the tasks even easier? While cooking potatoes, prepare a big bowl of ice and water. Once cooked, drop the vegetables in the ice bath for a few minutes to cool them down and peel them in seconds. It works every time!

Chopping herbs and leafy vegetables with a pizza cutter

How many times have you cut yourself while chopping parsley or any other herb? A pizza cutter is the smart chopper you need as it can save you time, energy, and pain! Clean your herbs and gather them on your cutting board. Chop finely or coarsely to taste. Your salad will be ready in minutes!

Slicing potatoes into wedges with an apple corer

Craving a crunchy movie snack? Here’s a trick for 25 minutes fried potato wedges! Peel potatoes and hold them vertically on the chopping board. Slice with an apple corer, toss with olive oil, season with paprika, black pepper and salt, then deep-fry for 15 minutes until golden. Dig in with a side of sour cream!

Tapping dry meats to get rid of excess moisture

Do you know the secret of a perfectly browned steak that’s tender from the inside? The trick is to tap it dry before cooking! Make sure you lightly pat the surface of the steak because you don’t want to squeeze out the moisture from inside. Bon appetit!

Preheating frypans to cut down cooking time

One of the bad habits we’re used to is to put the frypan on the stove, add the oil, turn it on then add the rest of the ingredients, which results in uneven and longer cooking process. That said, make sure you preheat the pan for at least 2-3 minutes before adding the oil. You’ll end up with perfect meals every time!

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