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5 tips to chop onions fast, minus the tears conquer-the-kitchen

5 tips to chop onions fast, minus the tears

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There are countless recipes that call for chopped onions. It’s true that they add a wonderful flavor to almost any meal; however, the burden of chopping onions can trigger of anxiety because of the tears they cause throughout the process.
Now there is no right technique to chop onions without crying because everyone has a different method. That said, you can try one of the 5 tips below that will have you chop onions like a professional chef!

Tip Number 1: Refrigerate onions

The simple act of slicing the onion produces chemical reactions that unleash a substance named propanethial S-oxide, causing the eyes to fill with tears. To prevent crying every time you’re chopping an onion, make sure you refrigerate it for few hours – don’t freeze it or it will become mushy when thawed -. This step will help the propanethial S-oxide to evaporate, making it easier to chop the onion without bursting into tears.

Tip Number 2: Use a sharp knife

Make sure your knife is ready and sharp before cutting the onion. The sharper the knife, the faster you chop the onion, which means that fewer eye irritants will be released.

Tip Number 3: Keep exposed cuts against the cutting board

As soon as you slice the onion in half, make sure the exposed halves face the cutting board and keep the half you’re not currently chopping unpeeled. Once you’re finished chopping one half, place it in a bowl and cover it with a plate. Repeat until quantities are done.

Tip Number 4: Keep exposed cuts away from the face

While chopping the onion, try to keep it away from your face as much as possible. The more it’s far away from your face, the lesser are the chances of tearing up.

Tip Number 5: Run the vent hood or Air conditioner

Either the vent hood or air conditioner can be perfect to absorb the propanethial S-oxide and filter the air to prevent you from crying. That said; transfer the cutting board next to the stove or under the air conditioner to get rid of irritants efficiently.

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