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Do you want to perfect dining etiquette and develop excellent party prep skills? Are you looking for ways to have fun with your kids in the kitchen and entertain them with new food ideas? Look no further! To impress your guests and family with fine cooking, this section is all about tips to help you come up with quick and easy meals and host unforgettable gatherings.

Clever ways kids can help in the kitchen conquer-the-kitchen

Clever ways kids can help in the kitchen

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Most kids enjoy being part of their parents’ activities especially cooking. When your children want to assist you in preparing dinner, let them proceed with small tasks that would feel like achievements for them. Here are clever ways your kids can help in the kitchen!

Kids can help you make pizza

Making pizza is a lot more fun when little hands are involved in the preparation. Once you gathered the pizza dough ingredients in the bowl, let your kids do the mixing and kneading. For more fun, assist them in rolling the dough and let them spread the sauce. Moreover, let them decide the topping. Usually, kids love colorful food so it’s a good idea to create a vegetarian pizza with them. For example, you can add California Garden green peas and they can add California Garden sweet corn! In addition to eating their favorite food, they will be benefiting from the protein and fibers provided by the green peas and corn!

Kids can season meals

Whether it’s a mix of 10 different spices or simply salt and black pepper, a meal is never complete without seasonings. Decide the ratio of spices you’re using and let your kids add them to stews, soups or rice dishes. They will feel like they contributed to the preparation and will enjoy eating it more!

Kids can mix ingredients

Kids love mixing and whisking batters. Whether you’re making cookies, cakes or brownies, let them do the mixing while you bring out the fruits from the fridge. You won’t believe how happy they’ll be!

Kids can set the table

Once dinner is done, you can let kids set the dinner table by placing plates, spoons and forks. All you have to do is add the knives and then gather around the table to eat dinner together as a family. Happy cooking!