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California Garden Journey

Thirty-seven years ago California Garden was born with a vision to supply the Far East and the Middle East with quality products from California. We started with canned fruits and vegetable items. Now we have over two hundred products packed in over twenty countries around the world.

Today, California Garden is the world's number one brand of canned fava beans.

Our strength is innovation. We are continually striving to create more new products that are "ready to eat" and yet fit the local taste. An example of one of our products is Fava Beans, we pioneered the creation of ten flavors and recipes to fit the various local tastes. We were also the first company to introduce white lacquered cans in the Middle East thus providing the consumer with rust-free cans. Today we remain the #1 brand in the world for fava beans.

As you browse through our website, we hope it will give you a good idea about our company and our product line. We are always striving to reach a higher quality and would welcome your suggestions in order to provide superior products to our consumers.
We believe our journey has just begun.