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How to clean and chop parsley conquer-the-kitchen

How to clean and chop parsley

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Adding fresh parsley to almost any dish adds a bright and vibrant color that dry herbs can’t just do. If you’re wondering how to clean and chop parsley, follow the below step by step guide including skills to help you chop parsley quickly and safely like a pro.


Step number 1: Dunk and swish the parsley in water

Start by filling a bowl with water. Dunk the parsley bunch while still held together with the rubber band in the water. Swish it in a circular motion. The dirt should fall to the bottom of the bowl. Repeat until water comes clear.

Step 2: Shake out the water

Once you get rid of all the dirt, shake the excess water. Next, make sure the leaves are facing the same direction to ease the process.

Step 3: Pat dry with paper towels

If you aim to store the parsley, make sure you pat it dry with a paper towel to get rid of extra moisture or else they will wilt.

Step 4: Shave the leaves from stems

While holding the base of the parsley bunch, use a chef’s knife and shave the leaves off stems at an angle. Only shave as much parsley as you need to use immediately.

Step 5: Chop the parsley

Gather the parsley leaves in one hand. Using the other hand, hold the knife and while keeping the tip of the blade on the surface of your cutting board, rock the knife back and chop finely or coarsely.

Alternatively, you can also chop the parsley leaves using a pizza cutter. You’ll be done chopping within minutes!

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