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A balanced lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t require strict habits. Hence, it only takes a bit of dedication and consistency to cook delicious homemade meals with a healthy twist; California Garden is here to help you break the diets cycle, make healthy food swaps and enjoy guiltless cheat meals!

How to deal with your kids when they are picky eaters conquer-the-kitchen

How to deal with your kids when they are picky eaters

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Picky eating is one of the most common issues a mother can ever experience at meal time. So if you’re facing this problem with your children, know that you’re not alone! To make sure your little ones eat everything, consider the following tips to ease the process as much as possible.

1.Stay patient

If your children are picky eaters, try not to get frustrated. Instead, know that with time, your kids’ food preferences will improve and this behavior will fade away. The most important thing is to be patient and do your best to lovingly guide them towards a healthy lifestyle that fits their taste.

2.Slowly introduce new food

Your little ones might not like the presentation of the dish or may take time and repeated exposure before even tasting the first bite. This said; introduce new side dishes and appetizers to the usual routine. For example, you can try this delicious rainbow salad:

  • Combine California Garden sweet corn with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and just a little bit of onions in a bowl. Toss the whole in some olive oil and season with salt. Your kids will fall in love with both the colors and the flavors!

Another alternative you can try is introducing new appetizers to the menu:

  • Spread some California Garden fava beans on toast and garnish with a mixture of chopped tomatoes and mint tossed in some olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Additionally, add a touch of creativity and serve your little ones a colorful hummus appetizer. To upgrade the traditional hummus, you can add beetroots, basil, pumpkin, sweet potatoes or sweet bell peppers to end up with a colorful dish your children would love.

3.Sneak healthy into their foods

Kids usually prefer foods such as pizzas, burgers, chicken nuggets and others. Instead of restricting them, sneak in some vegetables and legumes to make sure your little ones are getting enough nutrients while consuming their favorite foods. Load pizzas and burgers with vegetables; serve chicken nuggets with a side of sautéed colorful veggies; add legumes such as California Garden red kidney beans to taco fillings; the options are limitless!


  • To serve your little picky eaters, introduce new food small portions at the time.
  • Respect your kids’ hunger and don’t force them to finish their plate when they’re full.
  • To make sure your little ones eat their food, schedule meal times and limit snacks as much as possible.