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Do you wish to prepare tasty dishes without breaking the bank or compromising flavors? You won’t believe how easy it is to cook your favorite dishes using beloved ingredients from your pantry, especially when you organize the latter from time to time and when you plan a consistent and budget-friendly meal calendar for several weeks!

How to make plain pasta more interesting conquer-the-kitchen

How to make plain pasta more interesting

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After a busy day at work or playing with the kids, pasta and readymade sauce seem the perfect dinner; it’s economical, quick and can be ready in 15 minutes. But how boring is that? If you’re looking for ideas to make plain pasta more interesting, here’s how you can add your special touch to transform it into a wholesome balanced dish!

Start by boiling the pasta

Pasta differs in matters of texture and cooking time so it’s important that you cook it according to the package instructions. Some brands require 11 minutes while others take 8 minutes to be ready. So cook your pasta and drain it, then place it in a bowl.

Now let’s make pasta more interesting! Upgrade it with one – or all – the ingredients below

Overload with vegetables

Vegetables add color and refreshment to the average pasta dish and are loaded with fibers, vitamins and essential minerals. You can add the vegetables of your choice like cherry tomatoes, sliced carrots, bell pepper and even radishes if you got leftovers from last night’s movie night snack! – The highlighted part will be used as an internal link redirecting to the snacks for movie night article –

And why not add more colors with green peas and sweet corn?

California Garden green peas and California Garden sweet corn are low in saturated fat and calories which puts them among the healthiest choices when it comes to upgrading plain pasta. They also add wonderful colors and delicious flavors to your average dish!

Did someone say protein?

Canned tuna is a great way to get lean protein, omega-3, vitamins D and B. It’s one of the healthiest substitutes to red meats and adds wonderful flavors to pasta! This said; why not enhance your meal with California Garden Tuna?
If you’re a vegetarian or simply prefer plant based dinners, red kidney beans got you covered! California Garden red kidney beans are loaded with protein and fibers and add an original taste and a beautiful vibrant color to your pasta dish.