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Do you wish to prepare tasty dishes without breaking the bank or compromising flavors? You won’t believe how easy it is to cook your favorite dishes using beloved ingredients from your pantry, especially when you organize the latter from time to time and when you plan a consistent and budget-friendly meal calendar for several weeks!

How to prepare a vegetarian Iftar conquer-the-kitchen

How to prepare a vegetarian Iftar

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Vegetarian dishes allow you to enjoy a balanced and variant Iftar table without breaking the bank especially when you’re trying to keep the Ramadan budget under control.

It’s true that a vegetarian Iftar excludes beef, chicken, or fish, but it’s not impossible to create a whole meal while relying on plant-based options! Here’s how you can do it.


Remember: Vegetarian doesn’t always mean healthy. But you should always lean towards filling and nutritious options.


1. Start with carbohydrates

Choosing meals that are rich in complex carbohydrates such as California Garden chickpeas helps you acquire healthy levels of carbs all from a pantry staple. Combine them with a tangy lemon-oil sauce or even drain them well, then process them with seasonings and herbs to create mouthwatering and crispy falafels or chickpeas kofta. The choice is yours!

2. A garden on your table?

Not only do vegetables provide you with nutrients and vitamins, but they actually add embellishment to the table at a low cost! Depending on what’s available in your fridge, you can serve a variety of colorful and crunchy veggies. Think of salads, pickles (mixed veggies, stuffed eggplants), or even raw cucumbers and tomatoes. Don’t forget to serve fresh seasonal fruits at the end of the meal!

3. Don’t skip protein!

Protein-based meals such as white cheese or California Garden fava beans Lebanese recipe are bound to help you break the fast in a healthy way without breaking the bank. Garnish the plate with available vegetables to add a beautiful and colorful touch! Ramadan Kareem!