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How to prevent constipation during pregnancy conquer-the-kitchen

How to prevent constipation during pregnancy

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Calling all mommies to be! Constipation can be particularly uncomfortable especially when you’re pregnant. Some women experience constipation in an early stage of pregnancy while others are affected later on. In this article, we will elaborate the causes of constipation, safe home remedies and foods you should never run out of for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Why are you constipated?

In general, an increase in the Progesterone hormone during early stages of pregnancy causes the intestines to relax which will slow down the digestion process and lead to constipation. The increase of this hormone can be caused by anxiety, work or stress so make sure you get plenty of rest during this delicate phase.
Iron tablets may contribute to constipation as well so if you’re taking them make sure you are drinking plenty of water to dissolve them.
Towards the end of pregnancy, the pressure of the uterus on the bowel results in experiencing constipation. This said, make sure you stay relaxed and don’t exhaust yourself especially when due day is approaching!

Can you treat constipation at home?

There are countless ways to treat constipation at home in normal situations, but when you’re pregnant they narrow down. The important thing is to make sure you:

Eat high fiber meals

To enjoy a healthy pregnancy, make sure to include fiber rich foods as they are essential to prevent and relieve constipation.
In ideal situations, you should be consuming 25 to 30 grams of fibers per day that you can find in vegetables, fruits, bran, whole-wheat bread and legumes especially fava beans. The latter are loaded super light on the stomach which makes them easier to digest, and cause less flatulence. In addition to that, you won’t need to worry about cholesterol because California Garden Fava Beans are absolutely free of it.
This said; consider having 2 servings of California Garden Peeled Fava Beans, the Egyptian recipe for lunch as they are rich in fibers and will delay hunger so you’ll feel fuller for longer and prevent the pain of experiencing constipation. You can also split the servings and combine fava beans with your favorite greens. You will end up with the tastiest salad ever!

Load up on fluids

The enemy of constipation is water so it’s important that you keep drinking enough water to keep your body hydrated. If you feel like water is not enough, choices of fluids are endless so load up on tea, soups, vegetable juices or plum juice.

Stay active

One of the most important habits you should routinely follow when pregnant is staying active and exercising regularly. We don’t mean hard exercise, just schedule a few swimming exercises or daily walks for 20-30 minutes each.