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Almost everyone has a secret recipe or a personal touch. And because California Garden encourages you to add a touch of you, discover this section for some inspiration on how to swap, substitute and merge ingredients to come up with your own personal version of traditional and international recipes!

How to substitute beef in casseroles conquer-the-kitchen

How to substitute beef in casseroles

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There are many reasons for wanting to replace beef in your recipes, even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan. But it’s hard to choose between the endless options! Here’s your guide to choosing a convenient beef substitute for any situation.


Option 1: Substitute beef with tuna

Tuna belongs to the lean proteins family. It can make an excellent beef substitute when preparing casseroles because it’s healthy, ready to eat, and super delicious! Replace the same quantity of beef with its equivalent of California Garden Tuna Solid in Sunflower Oil. Combined with California Garden Sweet Peas, cooking cream and pasta, it’s one of the easiest meals you can prepare with your little ones!

Option 2: Substitute beef with legumes

If you feel like preparing a plant-based version of your favorite casserole, nothing beats legumes such as red kidney beans or fava beans. The latter are affordable sources of protein and minerals. Additionally, they contain high levels of fibers, which makes them healthy, delicious, and filling beef substitutes.

Each bean adds different flavors depending on the cuisines. For example, California Garden Red Kidney Beans complement Mexican recipes, whereas California Garden Fava Beans work best with Mediterranean cuisine. It all depends on your preferences!