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Lemon: the secret ingredient for a sparkling sink conquer-the-kitchen

Lemon: the secret ingredient for a sparkling sink

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When it comes to cleaning your stainless steel sink, it’s best to take the most natural approach. And what would be more perfect than lemons? Despite adding this delicious tangy fruit to your recipes, you can make use of it by combining it with pantry staples. Keep reading to discover a step by step guide that will help you enjoy a sparkling and clean sink every day!


Cleaning with Lemon and Baking Soda

Lemons are perfect for detaching the stains in your sink. Combined with a pantry staple such as baking soda, it’s an ideal DIY cleanser! All you need to do is dip 2 halved lemons in baking soda and scrub the inside of your sink until clean. Rinse off at the end to reveal your sparkling new sink!


Cleaning with Lemon and Salt

When your sink loses its shine and starts to look dull, all you need is 2 lemons slices and… salt! Generously sprinkle your sink bottom and sides with salt. The citric acid combined with salt will help you get rid of grime and stubborn stains in the sink! Scrub with lemon halves, and when you’re finished, rinse with warm water. The fresh smell is an extra bonus!


Cleaning with Lemon and Vinegar

Lemon and vinegar act as a double cleanser when it comes to cleaning the sink because they also help to unclog the drain! In a spraying bottle, mix together the juice of 2 lemons, 1 cup of white vinegar, and 1 cup of water. Spray the mixture on the sink and let sit for few minutes to allow the stains to dissolve. Rinse with warm water and enjoy a sparkling and clean result!

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