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A balanced lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t require strict habits. Hence, it only takes a bit of dedication and consistency to cook delicious homemade meals with a healthy twist; California Garden is here to help you break the diets cycle, make healthy food swaps and enjoy guiltless cheat meals!

This is how a healthy lifestyle can affect your fasting conquer-the-kitchen

This is how a healthy lifestyle can affect your fasting

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Fasting incorrectly during Ramadan can cause health problems and dehydration due to the limitation of food and drinks in between suhoor and Iftar. But when you lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you won’t have any issues in spending a smooth fasting period. Here’s how you can lead a healthy lifestyle and how it can impact your fasting positively during this holy month.


1. Stay hydrated

Maintaining high levels of fluids in your body plays an important role in keeping you healthy and hydrated. Since your body mainly consists of water (70%), you should always make sure you drink at least 2L of this beverage on a daily basis and over several periods of time between Iftar and suhoor. Make sure you don’t drink during meals to avoid bloating and discomfort.

2. Eat the right foods for suhoor

The basics of suhoor include foods from the whole food pyramid, to provide you with essential vitamins and minerals that you’ll need without making you hungry or thirsty. Make sure your options include vegetables and legumes like fava beans. These types of food boost your energy and help you maintain a healthy metabolism and digestive system!

3. Eat the right foods for Iftar

Do you find yourself suffering from heartburn and constipation right after Iftar? This is probably because you are not breaking your fast in a healthy manner. Make sure you prepare a selection of healthy dishes for Iftar, and try to incorporate all the elements your body needs like protein, fibers, dairy, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

One of the best foods that happen to combine all the previous nutrients is fava beans. California Garden fava beans Saudi koshna recipe, for example, is one excellent plant-based protein source. Additionally, it provides your body with healthy carbohydrates and 14g of dietary fibers in just 1 cup. And that’s not all! This ready-to-eat dish contains high levels of vitamins B and K that help you maintain healthy and strong bones. It’s the perfect post-fasting meal as it helps you enjoy smoother digestion while boosting your energy at the same time! Ramadan Kareem!