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A balanced lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t require strict habits. Hence, it only takes a bit of dedication and consistency to cook delicious homemade meals with a healthy twist; California Garden is here to help you break the diets cycle, make healthy food swaps and enjoy guiltless cheat meals!

This is how fava beans and tuna can help you maintain a healthy weight! conquer-the-kitchen

This is how fava beans and tuna can help you maintain a healthy weight!

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Whether you’ve just got rid of extra kilograms or you’re simply trying to sustain your figure, maintaining a healthy weight should always be your priority. By introducing nutritious and light foods such as peeled fava beans and tuna to your diet, it’s easy to enjoy a healthy and hearty lifestyle! Here’s how these delicious foods can help you maintain a healthy weight!


But first, what are the risks of gaining too much weight?

Gaining too much weight can harm your health overall. Hence, it increases the risks of heart diseases, diabetes (type 2), and even breathing problems, especially if the fat gets centered around the waist (apple-shaped bodies).


So how can peeled fava beans and tuna help?


Tuna and fava beans provide high levels of proteins

Numerous studies have concluded that protein is essential to maintain a healthy weight, as it increases muscle mass, provides energy, and reduces cravings. Peeled fava beans and tuna both fall into the lean proteins category, which means they are low in fat and carbohydrates and consist mostly of protein. That said, they’re the perfect choice if you’re trying to cut down on red meats or trying to maintain a healthy weight.

California Garden Peeled Fava Beans are light on the stomach and provide the daily required levels of protein in 1 cup for children, 3 cups for women, and 4 cups for men. They’re the perfect plant-based superfood when it comes to choosing a substitute for fatty meats! Get creative in and entertain your family with healthy and nutritious meals every day based on their favorite dishes; it even works for picky eaters!

On the other hand, California Garden Tuna Solid in Sunflower Oil provides 23.5 grams of protein per can. They also contain amino acids that are vital for strengthening and maintaining lean muscle tissues. Enjoy it on its own or use it as a delicious pizza topping to create a healthy twist of a staple Italian dish!

Tuna offers excellent levels of healthy fats

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, it’s important to keep everything balanced, and that includes fats. Not all fats are harmful; you can find them in hearty and delicious foods such as avocados and tuna!

California Garden Tuna is one excellent source of omega 3 healthy fats, which helps in fighting inflammation and preventing heart diseases. All that while providing you with healthy and glowing skin! For creative and filling tuna boats, combine tuna with cubed avocados and a light mayonnaise dressing. Serve the whole in avocado skins. Your family and guests will fall in love with the flavors and texture, especially during parties and gatherings!

Peeled fava beans present high levels of dietary fibers

Wonder how peeled fava beans are so good at keeping your stomach light and full for a long time? The secret is: there’s no secret! California Garden Peeled Fava Beans contain high levels of dietary fibers, which are essential to help you stay full. By reducing your appetite and keeping your hunger in check, you’re less likely to overeat and succumb to your cravings. Hence, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight and an impressive figure!