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A balanced lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t require strict habits. Hence, it only takes a bit of dedication and consistency to cook delicious homemade meals with a healthy twist; California Garden is here to help you break the diets cycle, make healthy food swaps and enjoy guiltless cheat meals!

This is how Fava Beans can help you control diabetes conquer-the-kitchen

This is how Fava Beans can help you control diabetes

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For a few years, nutritionists have been telling us that fava beans reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure. But now it appears that they bring one more advantage: controlling diabetes! Carry on reading to discover three impressive benefits of fava beans and why you should eat more of this legume, especially if you have diabetes.


Regulating blood sugar levels

A serving of fava beans can significantly increase your intake of nutrients, such as manganese. The latter has a variety of benefits that can help regulate blood sugar levels. Hence, it contributes to the production and proper secretion of insulin and therefore helps regulate blood sugar!

Providing energy and a feeling of fullness

If you have diabetes, your body needs high levels of protein and fibers to stay energized all day and remain full for a longer time. Choose California Garden Fava Beans for breakfast, as they provide you with the daily required levels of protein in 1 cup only! Additionally, they are an excellent source of fibers that slow down the release of glucose in the blood, keeping your sugar cravings away

Balancing complex carbohydrates levels

In addition to fibers and protein, fava beans are a good source of complex carbohydrates. Once consumed, the body absorbs the latter, turns it into glucose, and eventually uses it as energy. The balance of proteins and carbohydrates provides a slow and steady source of glucose to keep sugar levels in check.