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A sign that you’re the master of kitchen management is the way you make something difficult look so easy! With California Garden’s suggested tips, you can learn about cooking, organizing and cleaning your kitchen using lifesaving and money-saving hacks.

Top 3 dishes you can precook and freeze conquer-the-kitchen

Top 3 dishes you can precook and freeze

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Your freezer is just a colder extension to your pantry, so make use of its precious space. Below are three meals you can prepare in advance and preserve them until cooking time. Trick everyone into thinking that you spent the whole day in the kitchen, while you just took out a precooked meal from your freezer!


1. Béchamel bakes

Béchamel bakes are the perfect meal to welcome your kids after school. Vegetarian chickpeas lasagna and chickpeas moussaka are excellent examples of béchamel bakes you can precook using California Garden Chickpeas and freeze for later. They are easy to make, loaded with flavors, and only need defrosting and reheating before serving!

2. Pizza

A freezer full of frozen pizzas can be lifesaving, especially during those days when you don’t feel like spending time in the kitchen. Whether you choose traditional toppings or get creative with California Garden White Solid Tuna in Brine to create a mouthwatering tuna pizza, you always have the option of popping it in the freezer until cooking time.

3. Pastry appetizers

Ramadan, Christmas, Birthday parties, and even last-minute gatherings call for yummy appetizers! Whatever the occasion, you must have saved pastries stashed in your freezer. Prepare large batches of spring rolls, quiches, vole-au-vent, and even kibbeh balls. Freeze them and defrost just before cooking. Here’s to keeping the stress away!

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